Mulcher ELITE L Mowing Bars

Mulcher ELITE L Mowing Bars – series is suitable for all grooming work on pastureland, orchards, vineyards, wastelands and car parks. The ease of movement and the compact design enable operation even with small and compact tractors. The shredding of woodland up to a diameter of 5 cm is possible. The double spiral rotor ensures a perfect cutting pattern, a uniform rotor load, a uniform crop flow, an even distribution of plant residues, a high operating speed, a low power requirement and low maintenance costs.


Standard equipment:


  • Double spiral rotor with 45º arrangement of work tools
  • Integrated freewheel in the transmission, 540 rpm
  • Cultivation for I and II Cat.
  • mechanical side adjustment
  • lateral skids
  • Metal dampers
  • height adjustable roller
  • floating position
  • hammers


ModeliEngine PowerSizeRPMKnifeWeightcm