Landini REX 4 F/GT (CAB)


New styling, new components and new features make the new “REX 4” series a much wider choice of models for all specialist tasks. As well as the two versions for orchards, FGT, there are numerous variants and options allowing customers to optimize their choice to suit their requirements and ensure low cost of ownership during its working life. All the models will be available with a modern and functional air conditioned cab, in which operators can work in safety and comfort. The tractors stylish new look and entirely redesigned cab provide the operator with a new working environment, offering improved vision, more functionality and more precise controls that make front or rear implement operation easier and quicker and, true to form, extremely high-levels of finish ensure the utmost in comfort.  When used for spraying operations, the cab is also available with Protection class 4, guaranteeing total protection for the operator in a pressurized environment monitored by sensors.The innovations also involve the front axle of the F and GT versions, which, besides the rigid version with electrohydraulic diff lock and 4WD engagement, is now offered with central suspension system for the very first time. 24”, 28” rear tyres and 30” for the GT version confirm the versatility and capability of the wide Orchard and compact Open Field models.

  • Models:

    REX 4-070 F REX 4-080 F/GT REX 4-090 F/GT REX 4-100 F/GT REX 4-110 F/GT REX 4-120 F/GT

  • Engine:

    2,9 TCD L4

  • Engine Power:

    70 - 76 - 89.6 - 95 - 102 - 112

  • Max RPM:

    272 - 300 - 378 - 400 - 410 - 420

  • Number of Cylinders:


  • Withdraw:

    4x4 (4WD)

  • Gearbox:

    4 Speed